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Key factors that affect air ride suspension fit

o Fitment of Motor

o Tire Height

o Tire Width

o Wheel Offset & Backspace

o Spindle Model Year & Type

o Fenders & Firewall

GSI’s kits are designed to accommodate a common set-up; slight variances can occur with fenders and the firewall.

We recommend purchasing your air ride suspension first, and then purchasing wheels & a motor that will fit your suspension. Suspension is designed to accommodate motor & wheel sizes; it is not a one type fits all sizes. GSI suspension kits and frames are designed for SB/LS based engines, other engines will require extra modifications.

GSI Designed the '63-72 Front Suspension Kit off a '71-72 Spindle.

The '63-72 Front Suspension Kit REQUIRES THE USE OF A '71-72 Disc Brake Spindle

('71-72 Drop Spindle Style is another option)

Save yourself time & money and purchase components that fit your suspension.

Be sure to have your suspension installed by a certified installer that is familiar with air ride suspension.

Always test fit everything before paint or powder-coat.

For more information on Air management Visit:

*Always refer to the Kit Install Instructions before purchasing and if you have any questions please give us a call 1-877-951-1890.

documents to register your custom-built vehicle

Your DMV or other state motor vehicle registration agency may require

any of the following documents to prove your ownership. Requirements vary by state.

Please contact your local DMV for more info.

o Completed application for title or registration.

o Completed statement of construction.

o Proof of a vehicle safety inspection, also known as a vehicle verification. Typically, these are completed by your state's highway patrol or a licensed safety inspector.

o Certificate of origin.

o Confirmed vehicle identification number.

o Official brake and light adjustment certificate.

o Emissions test certificate. Custom-built cars often require a different type of smog check than standard vehicles. Consult your state's rules and regulations.

o Photographs of your kit car and its creation.

o Proof of purchase for all major parts purchased for the vehicle. This can include invoices, manufacturers' certificates of origin, receipts, bills of sale, and even junk receipts. Some states require a motor vehicle bond if you cannot provide proof of ownership for parts valued at or above $5,000.

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